Innovation Leader

I am an innovation leader focused on transformation of business of all sizes with 15+ years of experience in a managing role both in start-ups and corporations. Working directly with customers, attending to their real needs while uncovering and pursuing new business opportunities is what drives me.


My journey to Direct People

After finishing my university I had been working on various positions in telecommunications, IT and banks. Altought I was busy handling dozens of tasks a day, I was missing being in touch with customers and their real needs. The complexity of teams and projects I led was high and I wanted to get back to the essence of business. I left the corporate world to obtain hands-on experience with product innovations as well as a business angel, entrepreneur and innovation designer working with Direct People. With Direct People I have a common desire to create useful solutions oriented to the real needs of people.

Projects I have enjoyed

As an entrepreneur I have been working on a wide portfolio of small businesses ranging from a bakery to a beauty e-commerce. My true heart matter is Frank – an original sociomapping tool that tracks informal social relations and networks in teams. It helps managers to manage their teams, evaluate employees and with talent management. From projects where I was in a role of innovation designer I would choose our cooperation with Anect. We have been able to gamify a boring cybersecurity training into an exciting and effective experience.

A few words about me

Question WHY is my motivation. Curiosity is at the center of my personality. My strongest weapon is the ability to quickly grasp complexities, understand context and decide WHAT to do and HOW to do it. I enjoy being around capable yet humble people with clear goals and open minds. I am also interested in psychology, spiritual knowledge and art. I like crossing lines between different paradigms and connecting different social bubbles. And I feel best in nature among good people.

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