Sebastián Dibusz

Innovation Leader

All my life I have had a strong desire to discover and try new things. I am a person who preferably lives in the present moment trying not to bath in the past memories or future imaginations. For the last couple of years, I have been trying to cultivate my inner intuition to make better life decisions.

This way of thinking led me to finish my master’s degree at the University of Economics in Prague, sell door-to-door in California, clean dishes in Pennsylvania, lead a team in network marketing, create a unique Prague souvenir Golem Biscuits, start coaching and doing therapies, meditate for a month in a buddhist temple in Thailand, go on a 14-day vision quest in Sahara desert, become a CEO of a martech startup, start a podcast to inspire others to do what they love and finally become an innovation designer here in Direct People.

All these experiences combined give me a unique perspective on life and work helping me to stay on top of things looking at different challenges with ease.

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