Head of Direct People Poland

I am a manager and innovation consultant with almost 15 years of experience, both corporate and entrepreneurial. For years, I was associated with the financial industry, being the head of marketing and PR Toyota Financial Services among other things. I started and managed the largest Polish agency dealing with a strategic approach to employer’s brand and organization development, where I succeeded in creating award-winning strategies and campaigns for the largest employers in Poland and globally. Now I lead the development of Direct People Innovation in Poland, advising companies in the field of building and scaling innovations.

My journey to Direct People

I was studying Law but I soon discovered that it would not be my calling. Right at the beginning of my studies, I started working in small, mainly student-based companies, that would probably pass as startups today. Because I was very tech- and Internet-savvy, I had the opportunity to build interesting ventures, with very limited resources, but big ambitions and a lot of enthusiasm.

I gained a real momentum when I joined the mBank team, a revolutionary in banking, where I was responsible for internet marketing. When this field was in its infancy, many standard tools and technologies were missing and Web 2.0. was just an exciting trend, I had the opportunity to work for one of the most dynamic organizations that was a true pioneer of many of these solutions; a company full of amazing talents and a lot of freedom and approval of experimentation.

These two intensive years resulted in valuable knowledge and experience as well as great prospects on the rapidly growing digital transformation market. I finished my corporate career as Head of marketing and PR for Toyota Financial Services and went on to start my own company – an advisory agency focused on strategic approach to employer branding. We quickly became a leader in the field gaining huge popularity in Poland. For four years I worked for the largest Polish and global employers creating award-winning strategies and campaigns.At one of these projects I met Direct People. Several months of cooperation resulted in further projects and eventually brought us to the decision to build a sister organization in Poland.

Projects I have enjoyed

I especially remember the DrMax project, one of my first projects at Direct People. It involved a lot of things – an important, though difficult to impact health area, with huge development potential driven by progress in AI, big data, IoT as well as understanding the functioning of decisions making habits and great and highly engaged international team.
We devoted several months to insightful empathy with dozens of groups to understand the subject and discover unconscious needs. The effort to analyze and synthesize the information was enormous, but it paid off – the project resulted in many interesting products far beyond the traditional „health care“.

Few words about me

Once, when I started my career, I was often assigned the role (and then the reputation) of a guy who did not know that something could not be done – and that is why he would just come and do it. Now, quite consciously, I like to take on this role by engaging myself in complicated projects. I love the excitement of challenging the status quo.

I have always been fascinated by new technologies and ideas. Where others see limitations and threats, I see opportunities for real innovators. I especially like what is created at the interface of several areas – eg. technology and HR, design and business or health and psychology.

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