Michaela Vlasáková

Innovation Leader

I am a psychologist and coach with economic background. After finishing my studies at the University of Economics and Charles University, I worked at various positions, including segment management, at Vodafone. I was responsible for creating an SME strategy and launching new products on the market. It was also when I first encountered human centered design. Thanks to my education and experience I bring a more in-depth view on one of the most important factors in every project – views and feelings of customers. At Direct People I mostly focus on research and communication projects but I have managed a full innovation projects as well. I am also responsible for training our clients and their employees in human centered design methodology including through our new Innovation Academy.

My journey to Direct People

I studied international trade and marketing at the University of Economics in Prague, but I didn’t want to focus solely on economics so I added psychology at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University. And also a few extra coaching and psychotherapeutic trainings.

After graduation I was looking for a job that would combine psychology and business – because I enjoyed numbers but also helping people. My career started at Vodafone where I tried different positions including that of segment manager – that was where I got my first experience with human centered design.

After six years, I felt I needed a change to grow. So I left and started my own coaching practice. But I missed working with numbers and using my economic background. I kept looking for a job that would better link my two worlds. I found it at Direct People. I enjoy building meaningful products based on in-depth analysis of customer needs and empathetic interviews. I am also responsible for “spreading out” our methodology. From an original concept of HCD workshops for our clients, we have now built an entire Innovation Academy – a complex training program that systematically introduces innovative culture into companies.

Project I have enjoyed

I have led a number of big projects in various areas including energy, publishing, healthcare, HR, banking and many others, for companies ranging from E.ON to Dr.Max. However, lots of my time is now devoted to a project that truly combines my passion for education, psychology and business – Direct People Innovation Academy. As Chief Program Leader, I am responsible for designing workshops and training that systematically introduce innovations into your company. The speed of learning is now more important than ever and in order to succeed companies need to lead innovations with ideas and products that have added value for the customers and proven business potential. Innovation Academy equips your employees with a skill set to quickly identify such ideas and develop them into successful business models. 

A few words about me

I hate superficiality. As a trained psychologist, I like to dig deeper – at work but also in interpersonal relationships. That is best done through personal experience – so I have already tried to live for 100 CZK per day, spent a week in a wheelchair or “got blind” for three days. So far without casualties and just one burnt sweater.

I have a lot of hobbies that further expand my horizons. I like physics, improvised theater and experiential learning. I enjoy LARP (Live Action Role Playing), urban games, encryption competitions and I read around 120 books a year.

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