Michaela Vlasáková

Innovation Leader

I am a psychologist and a coach with economic background. After finishing my studies at the University of Economics and Charles University, I worked at various positions, including segment management, at Vodafone. I was responsible for creating an SME strategy and launching new products on the market. It was also when I first encountered human centered design. Thanks to my education and experience I bring a more in-depth view on one of the most important factors in every project – views and feelings of customers. At Direct People I mostly focus on research and communication projects but I have also managed a full innovation project and I regularly train our clients and their employees in human centered design methodology.

My journey to Direct People

I studied international trade and marketing at the University of Economics in Prague. However, I did not want to focus solely on economy so I added psychology at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University. And also a few extra coaching and psychotherapeutic trainings.

After graduation I was looking for a job that would link psychology and business – because I enjoyed numbers but also helping people. I chose Vodafone where I tried different positions including a segment manager – that is where I got my first experience with human centered design.

After six years, I felt I needed a change to grow, so I left and started my own coaching practice. But I missed working with numbers and using my economic background. I kept looking for a job that would better link my two worlds. I found it at Direct People. I enjoy parts of the project where we do an in-depth analysis of customer needs and empathetic interviews. I am also helping to spread out our methodology – through HCD workshops for our clients.

Project I have enjoyed

I gained a lot of experience leading a big project for E.ON. The goal was to clearly define customer profiles (the so called personas) and create and implement a communication strategy for the different types.

However, my heart matter is the project I am currently working on – for Dr.Max. As part of their innovation lab we run a huge discovery project and help them uncover concepts that have a potential for further development. We now work on designing concrete solutions to these concepts.

Few words about me

I hate superficiality. As a trained psychologist, I like to dig deeper – at work but also in interpersonal relationships. That is done best through personal experience – so I have already tried to live for 100 CZK per day, spend a week in a wheelchair or “get blind” for three days. Luckily for me, it cost me just one burned sweater.

I have a lot of hobbies that expand my horizons further. I like physics, improvised theater and experiential learning. I enjoy LARP (Live Action Role Playing), urban games, encryption competitions and I read around 120 books a year.

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