Senior Innovation Designer

I am an innovation designer, seeing the world as a constantly evolving playground where we are challenged together to innovate smartly. I naturally learn fast, connect the dots intuitively and present an understandable synthesis with ease. I am a team player and forge good relationships with others. Even before my graduation from CEMS at the University of Economics in Prague I have volunteered, studied and worked abroad in different countries. I went on to specialize mainly in the field of brand marketing and innovation. Initially I worked on a few brands of Plzensky Prazdroj on the Czech market, followed by an international role for Austria and south-east Europe. I turned the negative development of the Czech cider brand over to becoming number one on the market and kicked-off the process to unify brand identities across multiple markets. I nurture my passion for improving the customer experience across industries and improving the quality of education and healthcare. I often walk the uncomfortable “off the beaten” paths to challenge my current understanding of the world.

My journey to Direct People

I graduated from the University of Economics in Prague. During my studies I actively participated in the student organization AIESEC and spent life-enriching four months as a volunteer teaching at schools in Taiwan. Thanks to my master programme CEMS I spent a highly valuable semester at Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands and worked in the marketing headquarters in Henkel in Germany. This experience in marketing guided my future steps to my next job in Plzensky Prazdroj. Here I have worked on a couple of challenging and diverse projects, both on Czech and international markets (Austria and countries in south-east Europe).

I had followed Direct People and its story for a long time before I joined the company. I have always intuitively thought of the products and services from the consumers points of view and therefore have been a fan of the approach Direct People are taking. Moreover I have always felt the necessity of being open to the constantly developing world and have seen a change as an opportunity that we can leverage to improve our lives. When I linked all these I joined the company eventually.

Projects I have enjoyed

My most challenging and at the same time the most rewarding project was the relaunch of a cider called Frisco. The project was truly unique. The brand was facing a significant decline due to dramatically evolving market. Thanks to the changes we designed and implemented across the whole marketing mix, we managed to reverse Frisco’s negative trend and boosted its performance again. This resulted in a 40% growth in volume. The project has thoroughly challenged me on all levels, both on marketing and personal ones, and has given me space to learn important lessons that I still carry with me until today. That is why I still smile when I see a customer with this product in hands. Because I know the effort was worth it.

A few words about me

I am a natural information-connecter, a fast learner and I present with joy and ease. At the same time I am captivated by people. I have a talent to get the best out of each person’s skills, combine it together in a team and build trustworthy relationships. I believe in the right combination of reason and feelings in life.

I am passionate about understanding human mind and body. I intuitively seek non-traditional routes and discover taboo topics. I enjoy overcoming my limits in running and calming myself down while doing yoga or meditation. I relax while drawing or playing a flute. My heart skips a beat when I discover a beautifully designed book. I am a true quality seeker, enjoying the best coffee beans and delicious cuisine.

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