Innovation Designer

I am a practitioner and an experienced design thinking consultant. I discovered this method while still being a student at the Warsaw University of Technology. I was so fascinated with it that I have started my own successful company. We were doing workshops, trainings and big projects for the top Polish and international companies. As Innovation Designer at Direct People I uncovering the real business value for the clients using design thinking, which allows you to do it quickly and effectively. Design thinking is my passion and I often combine it with other methods and tools, for example behavioral economics.

My journey to Direct People

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Independence, responsibility and the ability to implement my own ideas have motivated me to act. However, due to my fascination with physics and the advice from my parents, I decided to study technical physics at the Warsaw University of Technology. I do not regret. However, my passion for entrepreneurship has not faded and I started to look for projects after my daily classes. That is how I discovered design thinking. I have found that the problem worth solving is more important than the idea and that you do not need millions to start, because you can start with a paper prototype. It made me fall in love with design thinking so while still being a student I set up a consulting and training company in this field. My entrepreneurial dream has been realized!

With minimal experience, me and my partners started to do workshops and projects for the largest companies in Poland. However, despite financial success, at some point I felt there is not enough space for further development. That is why I decided to look for a new place where I could fulfill my next entrepreneurial ambitions and grow professionally. Apparently, you cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can combine them looking back. That is why I believe that Direct People is a dot that will combine many inspiring and non-obvious stories in the future.

Projects I have enjoyed

The project I liked the most was the NPS improvement project for one international organizations. It was my first project and It was a big challenge. I required me to do things I had never done before. For the first time I prepared and conducted a research process, I facilitated workshops without a script, I coached a project team. I made a lot of mistakes in the process, but thanks to that I improved and grew a lot as a consultant.

In general, projects that give me a lot of satisfaction are design thinking train-the-trainer trainings. I love to teach others and observe how people engage during exercises, absorb knowledge and adopt new innovative mindset.

A few words about me

I have always dreamed of doing extraordinary things. That is why I studied physics and that is why „Significance“ is my first talent in the Gallup StrenghtFinder Test results. I demand a lot from myself and also from others. The latter sometimes gets me in trouble, but I hate being insincere. I enjoy generating ideas, creating strategies and then converting them into action.

In addition, I am passionate about the Second World War, especially the events and battles on the Eastern Front and the subsequent Nuremberg trials.

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