Innovation Designer

My background is quite diverse. I am an artist by education but my job experience has been in finance and administration. Combining these two led me to start my own company focused on furniture renovation. Running my own business pushed me deeper into the multidisciplinarity of the business world. My focus was no longer solely on creating or finance. I had to combine my skills to create high quality products while making my company sustainable and later on profitable. That included acquiring clients and finding the best solution and value for them. Over time I realized that furniture renovation is more of a hobby than a job and I started looking for a place where I could fully explore my creativity and business focus. I found it at Direct People. Here I combine mine and client’s visions on a daily basis to find the best possible solution to their needs – be it in products, services, business models or something entirely different. 

In my free time I hold art classes for adults. I really enjoy working with people and it keeps my artistic spirit fulfilled.

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