Innovation Designer

I really enjoy identifying core problems and designing relevant solutions to bring about real transformations both for business and the world in the broadest sense. I believe Direct People is a place where this transformation is generated and made reality. Completing my studies in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Denmark, human-centred design became an integral part of my curriculum, as well as my mindset. Overall, the Scandinavian approach (not only) to business based on collaborative culture, innovation, sustainability and equality influenced me greatly.

Over the course of my studies I also did two internships in consulting where I contributed to designing a housing facility for the elderly and co-created an outreach strategy for Danish social start-up developing child language abilities. As part of the program I also took part in a study trip to Silicon Valley. Overall, not only did the program give me theoretical knowledge and practical tools for setting up and accelerating business ventures or innovating established companies, most importantly, I became trained to constantly re-imagine the realities we live in.

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