Innovation Leader

I enjoy creating innovative solutions that help the users. Discovering unexpected opportunities, seeing delighted faces when people see the first prototypes, and knowing that the delivered solution will make their life easier gives me energy to face all the challenges throughout the process. Within the last 15 years I went through many IT positions from a programmer or analyst in smaller companies to the head of IT development or BA/UX team leader in banks. I can effectively identify and describe initial concepts, split them into manageable pieces and deliver MVPs without losing the most valuable ideas along the way. It has become natural for me to use HCD, UX, agile and lean techniques to come up with new ideas and ensure that the proposed solution makes sense from all perspectives. And that led me directly to Direct People as Senior Innovation Designer.

My journey to Direct People

After high school I went to the Charles University to study languages and literature. I was fascinated by the amazing power and beauty of human languages and communication. I was also a computer geek and was fascinated by programming languages as well. But software for me was always about having fun, connecting people and helping them do their job, not only about applying the best engineering practices. For me it wasn’t either philosophy, or computer science – I always saw these things tightly interconnected.

After working for the university for a few years, I switched to the private sector and spent most of my professional career in the financial sector. I primarily worked on big innovative projects and agile initiatives. But no matter how interesting things were, I started to feel a lack of variability. I also wanted to concentrate more on the creative parts of the process and spend less time working on just the software delivery.

HCD, UX, lean and similar methods became a natural part of my toolbox when approaching a problem. Complex challenges without obvious solutions were those that I liked the most. And there were not many people around me who would have a similar viewpoint and skillset. So I started to look around to find someone like me – and I found Direct People.

Projects I have enjoyed

Most of the things I did were fun. But I will pick three that were probably the best.

The first one was a brand-new digital system for a scientific grant agency. The year the system went live, the amount of submitted applications grew more than three times compared to the previous periods. The average quality of any subsidized idea was vastly improved as well.

Another inspiring challenge was to create a new bank. The whole proposition as well as the architecture was built from scratch using the newest approaches and technologies. It was a bank, but the startup atmosphere was nothing close to “corporate”.

And the most recent one was a new CRM system for branches and contact center of one of the biggest Czech banks. We worked closely with the end users, we challenged every status quo and created a solution that was immediately adopted by new relationship managers and had a positive impact on new sales.

What these projects had in common and what was probably the biggest determinant of their success? The team had been directly supported by board members but at the same time there was enough freedom to come up with new ideas, iterate and experiment.

A few words about me

I like trying new things and dislike routines. I like professionalism and dislike formalism. I like to spend time with interesting people and dislike crowded events. I like to concentrate and go deep in discussions. I have a great wife and three kids. I play music, read books and do sports of all kinds. My most favorite are windsurfing, wakeboarding and mountain biking.

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