Helena Richterová

Senior Innovation Designer

I have been a part of Direct People since 2017 as Delivery Manager and Innovation Designer. My entire career I have been focusing on finance. After graduating from University of Economics with an engineering degree in Business Administration I gained my first experience in an accounting company Elanor. From there I went on to a financial startup Zaplo. As a Project Manager I built the entire offline marketing channel, a network of financial products sellers and I oversaw the opening of more than hundred new branch offices in two years. I like finance because it is a dynamic field that allows for a lot of creativity even though it might not be obvious at first.

My journey to Direct People

After finishing my studies in corporate economics at the University of Economics, I started my career at an external accounting company Elanor as a project coordinator. After received an offer I went on to a financial startup Zaplo. I started there as an executive assistant and gradually worked my way up to project and product manager. It was a great experience. I travelled a lot – often to the company headquarters in Riga – and constantly learned new things. In two years I was able to build the entire offline marketing channel, a functional network of financial products sellers and I oversaw the opening of more than hundred new branch offices.

However, after three years with the company I felt that it was time for a change. Moreover, my constant travelling left me with little me time. During one of the projects I met some of my future colleagues from Direct People, and when I received an offer from them I did not hesitate for a minute.

Projects I have enjoyed

I learned the most when designing products. I enjoy the complexity of that process, from invention to technical implementation all the way to communicating with IT. When I was responsible for aligning customer’s needs with company’s possibilities and legislative restrictions, I have realized that simply having an idea is not enough. Especially in the case of financial products the laws and technical feasibility are very limiting, which places immense demands on your creativity. You have to find a solution where there appears to be none.

A few words about me

I get along with everyone which is my great advantage. For that reason I often function as a mediator. I like openness and integrity. I usually share what I genuinely think, but because I try to present my views sensibly, it has always paid off.

I love the countryside, and so I do not mind commuting to work every day from a small village in South Bohemia. I live on a farm with my horses, dogs and cats, and this gives me a feeling of freedom and satisfaction. My passions is sport – I do show jumping and work out a lot.

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