Senior Business Development Manager

At Direct People I am responsible for business, especially finding and pursuing new business opportunities. I have been navigating the world of finance for more than 12 years now. I entered it while still studying law and international business in Bratislava. Most of my career I worked for Slovenska spořitelna. I started as a relationship manager and gradually worked my way up to become Head of Leasing Department. From this position I have built an integrated leasing company that became the leader on the Slovak market. I managed to put together a large corporate clients portfolio and when I was leaving the bank, leasing was one of the key products of corporate banking. I know that innovations change the world for the better, but that cannot be done without money. That is why I am at Direct People.

My journey to Direct People

My studies have suggested, that my career will be in finance. I studied international business at University of Economics in Bratislava and also Law at the Law faculty. While still studying I started to work for Slovenská spořitelna. At the beginning I was in charge of the corporate clientele as a relationship manager. That gave me a pro-client approach and taught me how to communicate effectively.

However, I knew I wanted to change things rather than just maintain status quo, no matter how comfortable it was. Thus when I got an opportunity to lead a big change project – integrating an independent leasing company into the structure of Slovenska spořitelna – I did not hesitate for a moment and took it. As Head of Leasing Department I managed to turn Slovenská spořitelna into one of the leading leasing providers on the Slovak market. As I was leaving, leasing was among the main products of corporate banking.

Business and finance are ma passion – they open doors for innovations to the real world. That is why I am at Direct People. My goal is to make sure that door stays open forever – and not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia and Austria where we are opening new offices.

Projects I have enjoyed

I always like to remember the integration project of an independent leasing company into the structure of Slovenská spořitelna that I had led. Despite the initial distrust from some of my colleagues, me and my team managed to not only complete the integration but also turn our department into one of the top Slovak leasing providers. We grew the financial portfolio from 10 to more than 100 million euro and built a large corporate clientele. Therefore, Slovenská spořitelna, as the only bank in Slovakia, does not need a subsidiary to offer leasing services.

Few words about me

I have always been good at setting my priorities and managing my time. I can make quick but well informed decision, I always keep perspective and I know how to calm a situation. All of these strengths have been reinforced by three years maternity leave with my son. I enjoy bringing the female perspective and emotions into the world of money. In the end it is usually emotions, that determine whether a product or a service will be successful or not.

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