Cyril Klepek

Innovation Leader

Building new companies, products and services is my life mission. I believe that innovations are not only a good way to improve quartal results, but more importantly they are the only option companies have to secure their long term survival and prosperity in the fast changing markets. After finishing my postgraduate studies at the University of Economics and abroad I went on to Raiffeisenbank where I was tasked with building a business consulting unit – Raiffeisen Advisory. In three years I managed to build a successful “company within a company” that was helping numerous clients ranging from e-shop owners to manufacturing firms with their businesses. I now specialize in two areas of innovations – circular economy and smart cities – which both have potential to significantly improve our daily lives but also offer great business opportunities.

My journey to Direct People

I studied University of Economics in Prague, where I continued with my postgraduate studies. I also attended Umea University in Sweden and Otago University in New Zealand. During my postgraduate studies I have already worked as Innovation Project Manager for Raiffeisenbank. As part of the Corporate Strategy team I was in charge of developing new product and services ideas, while also managing the strategic initiative and building our business consulting branch – Raiffeisen Advisory. Over the course of three years me and my team succeeded in building a “company within a company”, that provided high quality business consulting.

Couple years ago I attended a series of HCD workshops at Direct People, which changed my views of business and innovations development. I started to apply HCD at Raiffeisenbank, did workshops for my colleagues, dived into theory, tested the methodology in practice and participated at international conference. However, after three years in corporation I needed a change. I wanted to stay within the field of innovations while having more flexibility. So when I started to look for a new job, I got in touch with Petr Šídlo and now I’m here.

Project I have enjoyed

When I worked for Raiffeisenbank, one of my tasks was to develop further sources of income in corporate banking and differentiate from the competition. Me and my team came up with an idea of building a consultancy firm, that would help other companies solve various financial and business challenges. We designed our services in large part on the basis of HCD, which was one of the factors behind our success, when our annual growth reached up to 600%. Our clients were companies ranging form e-shops to manufacturing firms. Leading this team was a great experience, because we succeeded in building a start-up (with its own distinct company culture) within an established company. We also managed to quickly get a good reputation and were able to help many companies improve their management and deal with the pitfalls of the ever faster world of business.

Few words about me

I believe in the power of positive thinking, and that every problem has its solution. People around me say I am a person with vision, for which I can excite the entire team.

I enjoy sports. I used to play rugby and baseball and now I love surfing and yachting. My other passions include hiking, building up my library and the miracle known as Talisker Whisky. I play saxophone, and you might accidentally run into me in the bars and cafés around Letná.

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