Innovation Designer

My original specialization is in tourism which I studied at the University College of Business in Prague. From there I headed to a company called Europ Assistance where I got my first working experience. I was in touch with clients all over the world for virtually 24 hours a day, helping them solve quite stressful and difficult situations in different parts of the world. However, this job was extremely time-demanding thus impossible to do long-term. So I started to look for a new challenge and I have discovered the intriguing world of innovation agencies. 

At Direct People I work as Innovation Designer. My core motivation is the ability to influence outputs of other companies and therefore make life easier and better for many people in many areas. In my free time I like to work on improving myself. Be it in terms of personal growth, building up the strength of my body and mind through yoga, or simply anywhere I feel comfortable with a book or a dumbbell in my hand.

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