Anton Titov

Performance Innovation Leader

I am a magician who can work wonders with very little. Now Performance Innovation Leader, I have been a part of Direct People team since 2014. My forte is design and product prototyping with a special emphasis on business potencial. After graduating from University of Economics in Prague I started my career as an expert on Russian market for a prestigious Svoboda & Williams real estate agency. I then went on to Creative Dock where I worked on important projects for large corporations such as Raiffeisenbank or Home Credit as well as promising startups including Zonky. In Direct People I have been behind many successful projects such as TopExpats or Levná Tramvajenka. I am never satisfied with “it has always been done this way” so I always push myself to find a new solution.

My journey to Direct People

My first experience after graduating from University of Economics was at Svoboda & Williams real estate agency, where I was responsible for marketing and sales focusing on the Russian market and clientele. It gave me a good overview of how the residential, commercial and investment real estate markets in Prague work, which helped me a lot in my next job for Creative Dock. In Creative Dock, I was in charge of marketing for projects for Raiffeisenbank and I took part in projects for Home Credit or Zonky.
However, after two years I felt it was time for a change. I wanted to join Direct People which I considered to be the best on the market. So I got in touch. And even though they were not actually looking for anyone at that time, it all worked out.

Projects I have enjoyed

I have already worked on many interesting projects for important clients including Česká Spořitelna, O2, Albatros or Škoda Auto. However, one of the first projects I took over at Direct People was TopExpats, where we aimed to connect Russian IT experts and later also doctors with potential employers in the Czech Republic. I was in charge of the entire project, from recruitment, sales, creating a website and CRM to traffic management of all of the areas. It was a great experience even though the project had to be suspended due to changes to the Czech migration policy.

I am now responsible for business development of Levná Tramvajenka.

A few words about me

I dislike going down the same old routes. It in his nature to look for a new paths and solutions to do things better and more efficiently which sometimes comes back to haunt me in strange looks from people who don’t always like it. When I am in charge of a project I always focus on team leadership, product design and financial and business potential of that project.

In the future I would like to remain in the field of innovations and enjoy what I do; meaning do what I enjoy.

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